CRB Status In Kenya


How can I check if am blacklisted? Am I in CRB? Who listed me ?This is what most of my blog readers ask.I had to post about it.

There’s nothing like a small debt and that’s my advice.The law permits lenders to submit names of individuals with any Non Performing Loans (NPL) to Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) for blacklisting.Negligence is not a thing here.Service your loans up to the final step.

In Kenya, there are three licensed CRB companies and they’re TransUnion,Metropol and CreditInfo.I already did an introduction about CRBs.Read about CRBs and Clearance Certification.

Before you can access your CRB status,you will need to register with one or all (recommended).Sometimes a lender can send the same bad report about you to more than one CRB.This way,you’ll need to clear with all CRBs.

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